News & Events

[28]Instrument Center Module December, 2007

Add Instrument Center module to FPD

[27]Taiwan-Parking Interanl Protal Project October, 2007

News PictureContract with Taiwan-Parking Co., Ltd for Internal Portal design and development.

[26]Mercedes Benz EIP Maintenance Service July, 2007

Contract with Mercedes Benz for CRM Maintenance Service

[25]Internal Promotion invesigation System for UDD May, 2007

Contract with Department of Urban Developmnet, Taipei City Government for Internal promotion investigation system and work exhibition input project

[24]Orientenna Project May, 2007

News PictureContract with Sinbon for Orientenna web site design and development.

[23]Support UITC May, 2007

Contract with UITC for Eloan project

[22]Mercedes Benz EIP Maintenance Service April, 2007

Contract with Mercedes Benz for providing EIP Maintenance Service.

[21]Support NCHC February, 2007

Support NCHC for Multi-site account management

[20]NANO K&E Platform February, 2007

News PictureContract with NTU for NANO Knowledge and Education Platform

[19]Enoter Gateway Project January, 2007

Contract with Enoter for Enoter Gateway handover